How can we make a pharma brand feel more human centric?



Refresh the brand’s visual language so that it captures the strength of Strides being a hi-tech, young, ‘state-of-the-art’ company, yet humanizes it as a brand.
Strides is an unlikely hero in the pharma category, like a swift agile and brave David against the status quo Goliath of large pharma companies.

Our research revealed Strides as a bold audacious firm which does not shy away from taking risks, no matter how unconventional the stand.

Very confident and sure of itself, Strides does not want to get defined by others in the category, in fact is sure to convert a disadvantage into an advantage.

Right from the start, Strides has been an agile flexible company, growing and changing but enjoying the process at the same time.

The concept 'Impact' showcased the stories of behind the scenes heroes of Strides.

We created the design concept of ‘Impact’ that focused on the hero stories of Strides and recognized the people behind them - 'the Strides' employees'.

The imagery style was chosen to be assertive, confident and passionate without being preachy, boring or clinical. As part of the exercise we also refreshed the identity to be shorter and with modern colors.

Visual language uses the hero shot and the infinity wrap as the key elements.

The photography style emphasized on shots portraying a determined and confident worker who feels proud and happy about being a part of the organization and making a difference.

The language uses the infinity pattern as an element of inclusiveness which wraps around people, products and key elements of what makes Strides special.

The external communication on the other hand showcases the benefit story of the consumers by portraying a healthy and active lifestyle.