How can we create a highway destination for the changing Indian highways?


7 Seven

Designing a highway hospitality stop over experience that compliments the rapid development of Indian highways and the new found desire of Indians to use the motorway more often.
New modern Indian highways are still suffering from mediocre unhygienic stopover.

While the lack of hygiene in food and utilities is widespread, it is but a symptom of a larger dichotomy:


Public destinations, such as shopping centers & malls, in urban areas, have developed into full fledged experience zones however destinations in outlying areas have not evolved beyond unhygienic dhabas, midways with lack of basic clean toilets.

The project was an endeavor to create a ‘destination, between destination’ which is a new F&B model that not only makes passers by stop and shop but also pulls people form nearby cities.

The space was planned between Hyderabad and Vijaywada.

The brand name indicates a  destination relevant for 7 days a week and not just weekends. A numeric name is identifiable across languages, social tiers and regions.
The experience of the place integrated natural elements as architectural features with a combination of enclosed, air conditioned spaces, and semi enclosed, naturally ventilated areas.