How can we consolidate a brand that works in education, hospitality and infrastructure?


People Combine

To create a consolidated corporate brand for the various businesses started by Vikas Group and Partners.
The corporate brand had to capture the company’s drive and people oriented culture.

Idiom’s journey with Vikas group started as design partners for their education institutes Oakridge & OI. With an expanding group, there was a need to create a corporate brand that could convey the philosophy and values of the people behind it.


A brand workshop was conducted with key internal stakeholders to identify and articulate the core values and vision of the company.


Our interactions with the founders, who happen to be childhood friends, revealed the company as a set of people, institutions and ideas driven by a desire to change the game in the educational sector.

The brand name ‘People Combine’ and the byline ‘image together’ makes the brand inclusive and reflects the power of collective imagination.

The workshop concluded in the articulation of the core philosophy – “We each one of us has talent, hope, energy, optimism. Together we can imagine a great future. Together we are destined for greatness. If we stand together not above and below, we together can be truly great”.


The vision was articulated as “Inspire and enrich human lives with imagination and creativity”.


Taking the democratic philosophy forward, the brand name ‘People Combine’ and the byline ‘IMAGINE TOGETHER’ is formulated which makes the brand inclusive and reflects the power of collective imagination.

brand name.jpg
The logo uses a new age vertical flag that is symbolic with the circle of imagination in it. The typography is simple and classic conveying deep rooted progressive values, adding a touch of timelessness and solidity to the brand.
The visual language is kept simple yet imaginative. The color palette is fresh, vibrant and new age.