How can we transform a middle class brand to attract a young target audience?



Repositioning Pantaloons from a middle class brand to a brand relevant to young India, by introducing a sense of newness and variety in the fashion space.
Defining 'fresh fashion' for the young urban Indian consumer.

The early 2000s saw an explosion in Indian retail with an aspiring young urban consumer base taking center stage. These consumers were seeking new looks, contemporary styles and fresh ideas.


Fashion is perishable, here today, gone tomorrow. Inspired by the fruit and vegetable market and supported by seven seasons of the new and contemporary fashion, Pantaloons – the value department store – was redesigned with the concept of ‘Fresh Fashion’

The store experience was designed to create a sense of immediacy and newness.
The visual language evokes the feeling of ‘fresh' through the use of colours, imagery and graphic forms alongside bright, energetic visual merchandise.