How can we translate the 100 year old legacy of a brand for a young consumer base?



Rejuvenating the packaging of a brand that carries a 109 year nostalgic history within southern India and is among the oldest supermarket chains in the country.
Designing packaging that brings alive the artisan brand concept of 'Made, not manufactured'.

The design approach was to create an experience that retains the century old values, unique taste and flavor. We had to create a dynamic entity that connects old and new, traditional and modern.

The idea was to design an honest packaging, which has a humanistic approach, brings alive the products, experience, culture and the strong values of Nilgiri’s. The packaging would be a true representation of products that are ‘made not manufactured’ and packaged with an artisan touch.

The logo was refreshed to be sleeker. The packaging used the textures of milk and simple illustrative treatments to cue playfulness and a handmade artisan product.