How did we create a new brand of air fresheners for the Indian consumer?


Mysst Brand design

Designing a brand and packaging that can effectively communicate with the Indian consumer from the retail shelf without much or any off-shelf communication
Consumers use fragrances to set a tone of a place creating an expansive experience

Our research with the consumers revealed that the being a growing a category, it was important to communicate both the functional and emotional benefits that come with using air fresheners, most notably to women and urban consumers.

We understood that fragrances were a key element capable of delivering a transformative experience. As more and more people spent large amount of time spent in closed indoor environments like office, home, car, they depended on fragrances to set a tone of a place creating an expansive experience

After 2 internal naming workshops, 500 words & associations and 84 names built, we came up with a name that communicated the magical and transforming quality of the brand
The packaging design aimed at bringing the transforming experience of each ingredient. This was explored through different techniques across formats
Conceptual recommendations were made for a new aerosol bottle structure and packaging design with an evolved identity design for better retail presence.