How do you create
a brand that is sensitive to the environment? 


Mother Earth



Mother Earth believes in ‘go green’ as a way of life. To educate and initiate people into embracing a sustainable lifestyle.
Mother Earth believes in providing the most sensible choices which make as much sense for the production, as it does for the environment

The tree that gives life. ‘Mother Earth’- an umbrella name which suggests a back-to-basics lifestyle. ‘Mother Earth’ protects us. And we must protect her in return. The logo is an intricate Indian motif inspired from traditional block printing. It depicts a tree which springs from the Earth, nurturing and protecting us. It reminds us that the answer to sensible living lies with Mother Nature.

Mother Earth believes that nature provides for us all, as long as we give back as much as we take.

The space tells the story with natural light, natural material, natural dyes…

The interiors of the 11,000 square feet store were designed to make the maximum use of the space and light. It is an energy-efficient store with low running costs.

Messaging within the store seeks to educate the shopper on the benefits of a natural lifestyle as they shop. Touch-and-feel material boards inform the shopper about the intricacies of various crafts, making each product a conversation piece.

The packaging design celebrates organic staples through hand made illustrations in earthy tones

We created a set of handcrafted illustrations, taking inspiration for the 'back to basics' brand philosophy of Mother Earth.


The product offering has four distinct ranges – cereals, spices, sweeteners, and pulses. These are visually differentiated using colour, and the distinct illustrations.