How can Design Thinking help transform how an organization thinks, acts and pursues its goals?


Mahindra Finance: Design Thinking for business and social impact. 

Reimagining Micro-finance, with a focus on lasting impact for consumers. Leveraging a robust brand to make a difference.
Carrying out a knowledge transfer in human centred and impact driven design thinking.
Adapting Design Thinking for relevance to domain, through application to real business opportunities

Mahindra Finance is amongst the country's largest micro-finance providers, with an unparalleled presence at the grassroots.

The organization runs a robust Learning & Development program internally. A special part of this endeavour is  the Crest program, focused on preparing high potential individuals for leadership roles, through unique immersive training and exposure programs.

Idiom partnered with Mahindra Finance to help make Design Thinking an integral part of the Crest participants' working style.

Gaining deep consumer insight through empathy tools.
Sense making and crafting actionable value propositions

Participants were guided through qualitative consumer research activities, toward developing a more than theoretical understanding of customer needs.

Each team conducted guided primary research into real customer segments corresponding with real new business opportunity areas.


Deep consumer insight gained from this exercise was leveraged to craft actionable value propositions, and build corresponding business models, to be piloted and tested in a subsequent phase of the project.