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How can we go beyond just a regular metro brand experience to one that is a matter of pride for the state?


Kochi Metro

Creating the brand and design system for KMRL Kochi Metro
The brand concept ‘Kochi connect’ aimed to go beyond the metro integrating all travel experiences – train, boat & bus

Idiom was part of a consortium with KPMG for this project. The key insight was to not look at the Kochi Metro as an individual entity but as a key cog in the great rapid transport system which had the ability to be the harbinger of socio-economic growth for the city. Kochi Metro aimed to expand the footprint of Kochi even while bringing it together.


The core brand idea therefore was ‘Kochi connect’ which went beyond the metro system itself but integrated all travel experiences – train, boat & bus.


The brand experience was divided across four brand levels:

the Core brand experience providing seamless connectivity,

the Enhanced brand experience delivering a superior ambiance,

the Augmented brand experience bringing unexpected delights across the journey and

the value added brand experience aimed at innovative initiatives for the community

The brand identity & tagline is inspired by the idea of thrusting the city & state ahead, surging forward
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