How can we create a fashion brand aligned to the changing young women of the country?


Jealous 21

Designing a brand for the stylish, young woman who wants to be 21 forever.
A brand that embodies freedom
of style for the stylish, confident and ambitious young woman

She’s cool. She trendy. She’s Jealous 21.


Jealous 21 is positioned as the brand for the young urban woman who is envied by others because she is trendy, stylish, confident and defines her own style. It is a brand that embodies freedom of style by offering great fit, fashion and an identity, all at affordable prices. This is reflected in the logo, which is feminine, simple and at the same time progressive and ambitious.

The smart and stylishly designed store experience celebrated the joys of being a girl and a woman with bold usage of the brand color pink and fun and flamboyant tone of voice.