How can packaging engage the consumer in a dull and non-engaging category of sealants?



Creating a new brand and packaging for a range of sealant products from Mccoy Soudal, that could stand apart in a dull category
The brand persona mirrors the aspiration of the target audience – Jadoo G is a brand of action, armed with a new product in ‘gun’ format

We found that the category’s core target audience of masons, painters, plumbers, carpenters, fitters etc, operated on a DO-FEEL-KNOW model.


They use a new product, understand its outcome and then gain knowledge about it. They are ‘doers’ who drew their learning by taking action. We utilized this insight to create a brand of ‘action’


We created a persona ‘Jadoo G’ for the brand, someone that represents its core consumer. JadooG is the Robin Pandey (ref. to Salman Khan character in Dabbangg) of carpentry, plumbing and construction.


Armed with a gun in his hand, he goes about his business in a slick manner. JadooG is who the workman aspires to be.

From the mascot, an eponymous brand name and identity were created. Bold & strong typography show strength of the product 
The ‘G’ is representative of the gun, a modern ammunition & also a pun on the way of respectfully addressing people as ‘ji’ in Hindi
JADOO G identity-01.jpg
The packaging was designed to lower the complexity in the minds of sellers as well as the buyers.

For the packaging design architecture, a system of colors was devised to indicate the application of each of the sealant in the product range, making it simpler to understand and select


The entire label was designed carefully with the back given as much importance as the front. The back of pack is simple with branding in hindi and USPs highlighted with icons to make it easy for the target audience to understand

The brand was amply supported with communications materials and point of sale displays.