The journey of creation and rejuvenation of a pioneering home specialty store brand

Home Town

Creating the pioneer home specialty store brand – Home Town, and rejuvenating it after a decade for evolving consumers needs
Home Town offers organized retailing for all home needs making it easy for consumers to select and visualize their viewing components together

Putting a home together is the most important investment for an average Indian but remains a difficult process. Most find it difficult to visualize the end result from viewing components.


They needed a one-stop-solution that would make homemaking an easy & enjoyable experience. In 2008, HomeTown was created to cater to this need by providing an exhibition cum sale experience where 'what you see is what you get’. It was designed as an interactive space that allowed consumers to explore, experiment and shop for everything their dream-home requires - from furniture to upholstery, decor to kitchenware and more.

The brand name created by Idiom is of course simple & descriptive but is also a pun to indicate one’s native place, the place where you belong, the place that knows you best.

The rejuvenated communication focused on the consumer's need for inspiration & ideas.
It was systematically divided into Brand, Trend, Category and Product led communication 

Ten years after we created the brand, in 2018 we partnered with Home Town  again to create it's new visual language and communication basis the evolved needs of the consumer.

We found that the consumer was most interested in getting ‘Inspiration & Ideas’ for their homes - to understand how to put things together to create a cohesive yet unique look. Basis the trends' understanding, the brand curated it's products into four key trends – Modern, Classic, Palace life and Botanique – which also formed the foundation for the visual language & environment graphics.

In order to make consumer's shopping easy and engaging, the in-store communication system was divided into 4 levels:

Brand – Communicating brand philosophy & services,

Trends – Inspiring and informing consumers of home trends and the products under them.

Category – Informing on category related essentials, features & benefits and

Product – Informing about specific benefits of a key products/ best sellers