How can a retail store become the center of a communities' aspiration and growth?


Godrej Aadhaar

Creating the brand and experience of Godrej Aadhaar, a rural retail center targeted on farmers and their families.
Godrej Aadhar is not a retail outlet...
a development mission, a movementThe brand identity captures this as a symbol of growth, progress and a brighter tomorrow.

Our research identified a key insight about rural India, that aspirations are not an urban Indian phenomenon, rural india also aspires… for happiness, for prosperity.

Godrej Aadhar was hence conceptualized as prosperity agent that aims to be the most efficient provider of complete solutions to the farmers, by bringing prosperity to the Indian rural community by consolidating all the urban amenities under one roof.

The brand identity captures this as a symbol of growth, progress and a brighter tomorrow. The rising sun, crop that is ready for harvest, a child with arms wide open... are all symbols of prosperity that remind the farmer, the people and the village of Aadhaar. 

The new logo takes Aadhaar beyond agriculture adding a touch of femininity, with the Red bindi, a logo that is open to many interpretations, but is clearly a positive mark.

Just like a village springs up around a temple, Godrej Aadhar is envisioned to become the center of gravity for every village.

Godrej Aadhaar is designed like the modern day temple. Just like a village springs up around a temple, it becomes the center of gravity for every village in India.

Upholding the values of unnati (development), pragati (progress) and swasthya (health), it brings all urban amenities under one roof for the rural community. Which is why Godrej Aadhaar is – Aadhar khushyon ka. Khushhali ka.

The images and graphics aim to create a strong connect and association with the villagers.

The visual language takes inspiration from the techniques of Gujarati textiles like Bandhani and applique work. The colors signify an atmosphere of celebration and vibrancy.


The imagery style depicts the ‘happy worry-free’ disposition of the villagers. All the final images used in the stores were taken from among the villagers themselves, creating a stronger sense of community, association and belonging towards the store.


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