How do we design a learning environment that can inspire employees across levels?


Future Gurukul

Designing a democratic learning environment which can inspire employees of all levels - store workforce to the senior management - while being true to Future Group values
Balancing rooted-ness and a modern outlook

A space that inspires one to think ahead, focus on the future, be active however sticks to its roots as it brings out the contemporary Indian. The goal translated into a space which is like a ‘Modern Gurukul’ balancing the sanctity of an academic environment with a modern outlook.


The space was therefore naturally named ‘Future Gurukul’.

Space Design

The concept of the ‘Modern Gurukul’ is translated into a material palette with earthy and natural textures and colors. The layout is kept simple with ample amount of collaborative and doing spaces like ‘Mockup Rooms’. The space is designed to allow complete flexibility to convert smaller rooms into larger one and vice versa.

Environment Graphics

The purpose of the environment graphics is to inspire the trainees towards the philosophy of the company and raise their aspiration levels. The same was accomplished through showcasing of organization values, success stories, Inspiring quotes and industry trivia. The graphic style was kept illustrative with bilingual fonts to convey the Indian-ness of the concept.