How can we create a workspace geared towards an organization’s next growth wave?


Future Group Dakshin

Designing Future Group Dakshin, the company’s second largest work-space where it looks forward to creating the next wave of retail and consumer businesses; a work-space that had to be Data driven, constantly Connected and Real time
Seamless connections of a time tested culture combined with a hi-tech responsive work-space

Having worked with Future Group for nearly three decades, Idiom identified that this new workspace would be defined by the idea of ‘Connecting’. Connecting people and technology… intuitiveness with analytics… sentiments with data… knowledge with practice… ideas with action…the past with future.

In order to achieve this, we had to ensure that the workspace design meets both its cultural and functional objectives. Six design principles were set in this regard

A space typology & experiential framework that translate the design concept into reality

In keeping with the principles and the concept, a space typology was created to ensure the right mix of spaces for every floor and safeguard the preservation of culture driven design features

In order to make the workspace experience nuanced and unique, we also defined an experiential framework that governed the design and detailing of various workspace types

The principles & typologies allowed for an easy space planning exercise
The environment graphics capture the group’s many dimensions spread across its companies.
The main focus was to showcase the group values, communicate the impact & reach of the various companies & brands and celebrate the south Indian community & culture
The graphics also celebrated Indian-ness and the South Indian communities as customers are at the heart of Future group’s values. 
The signage system is kept clean and simple.