How can we design another brand and ensure it stands out in a supermarket aisle?


Fresh & Pure

Creating a staples brand inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and khadi.
Key Insight

A supermarket food aisle is easily the most cluttered space for any brand. How could we add another brand to this space but ensure that it stands out? When Future Group gave us the task to design a new staples brand ‘Fresh & Pure’, we saw the opportunity to create a brand that could break the clutter by strategically being an inversion of the gloss, hype and exaggerated visual vocabulary that accompanies consumer products.

Brand Concept

`Khadi in the company of silks’ was the inspiration behind Fresh & Pure. We created a brand identity and visual communication that was inspired by the simplicity of Mahatma Gandhi. This `stripped down’ simplicity is the reason, we believe, `Fresh & Pure’ stands out as a `classic’ in the era of fads and flavours of the month.

A simple, no-nonsense, straightforward brand identity.