How can we design a corporate brand and culture of the future?



Designing an organization that fosters new and limitless imagination for consumers, entrepreneurs and partners in India.
Just as Alphabet is to Google, Tathastu is to Future Group.

Future Group stands for Today & Tomorrow, representing the One to Hundred journey of growth with stability, excellence, execution


Tathastu is The Day After. It is the Zero to One journey of unrestrained thinking and innovation


Having been part of Future Group’s journey for the past 30 years, Idiom was tasked to conceptualize the vision, values and identity of brand Tathastu. 

Co-creating with the client, we conceptualized a new mental model for Tathastu

Driven by innovating with abundance rather than innovating under constraints,

Believes in exponential rather than incremental growth,

Ok to self-destruct its products rather than holding onto them forever,

Believes in open collaboration rather than closed in house expertise

Driven by the fear of missing out rather than the fear of mistakes,

and a forever ‘Day Zero’ mindset

The brand name 'Tathastu' means 'Amen' in Hindi, but is also culturally known as a divine blessing from someone with the power to bring dreams to reality.
The brand logo uses the idea of aspiration and the blessing in a minimal and modern manner.
The visual language stays consistent with the minimal and modern identity, through sleek illustrations to convey the brand values. A tessellating pattern of dashes conveys the idea of data and speed.