How do we brand a traditional ingredient for a modern urban audience?



Designing a new brand of personal care products based on the goodness of coconut, for the young urban audience.
We broke traditional codes of representing the coconut by championing its purity through the concept of
'Pure Happiness'.

Coconut as an ingredient in India has an established position for its goodness. However it also comes with a great baggage of being seen as a traditional and old world product. The popular representation of coconut in personal care products is entrenched in these traditional codes. In order to create a brand that could attract the modern urban target audience, we had to break these traditional codes.

The brand concept championed the purity and natural-ness of the product with 'happiness' at its core. An illustrative approach was taken to showcase the pure and handmade essence of the brand. The style was fun and light, with a happy mascot leading the way.

A mascot called ‘Petcoco’ was designed to portray a happy and fun brand.