How can we make shopping in a mall a seamless experience?



Positioning a shopping destination for multiple brands as a seamless mall experience where one can shop, eat and celebrate.
Central, the 'city square' at the heart of the city. 

Central is positioned as a destination where citizens can come unwind, enjoy their favourite cuisine at the food court and shop

for a wide range of national and international brands with ease.


Many prominent brands are housed under the same roof to create

a seamless experience, making shopping easy and more engaging. Central was designed as a public property and the ‘city square’

in the heart of the city.

The name inspired by the idea of the ‘Center of the City’,

while the logo is derived from the simple game conveying

that the space is playful, entertaining and fun.

The colour red represents festivity.

Shopping is an emotional activity. Designed as a seamless mall that makes shopping and entertainment a cohesive experience, Central has become the ‘HEART’ of the city, wherever it has been launched. It doubles up as a public space which invites people to engage with it beyond the activity of shopping itself. 
By ensuring high visibility to brands, Central malls have
one of the highest conversion rate in the industry.
Central is the first to showcase this seamless mall concept
in the country.
15 years since its launch, Central is among the most popular and successful shopping destinations in the country.
Offering one of its kind shopping experiences till today, Central has created many successful brand properties
like the well-known ‘Happiness Sale’ and has evolved
into a goto destination for all things fashion & lifestyle.