How can nature inspired design simplify public transport?


BMTC Refreshed

Creating a design architecture system that simplifies identification of multiple bus fleets for commuters.
The challenge was to simplify the multiple fleets of buses into a system that’s simple, easy to understand and easily identifiable by commuters.

The multiple fleets structure is simplified into a three-category system of green, blue and orange routes.


The GREEN ROUTE takes one in and around the green city, the quintessential inter-city bus.


The BLUE ROUTE helps fly one out of the city – specific to the airport and tourism purposes.


The ORANGE ROUTE connect one to the suburbs.


Pertinent nature inspired symbols are used as stimulus to create graphics signifying the type of routes which the bus follows.


“By categorizing and identifying buses based on their broad features, benefits and routes, Idiom Design has created a very strong and cohesive visual architecture for BMTC buses by simplifying the multiple fleets into 3 major categories

They have created a color coded bus system which is easily identifiable by the commuters, even from a distance or at night. This was very important for us that commuters should be able to identify that nature of service of moving bus from a distance.”

Dr Ekroop Caur, Managing Director - BMTC